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1.1 By taking charge of the vehicle, the Rentee agrees to abide by all clauses within this contract. 


1.2 The Rentee understands that they have no legal claim of ownership to the rented vehicle or its accessories and may not dispose of them or sublet them to a third party. 


1.3 By accepting this contract, the Rentee declares themselves to be of legal age to drive, to be in possession of an appropriate driving licence for the vehicle they are renting, and to hold photographic ID, such as a passport, which they must carry with them at all times during the rental period. The Rentee will not provide false information about their age, identity, or contact information to Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd or to the police and other authorities.

1.4 Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd agrees to provide a road-safe vehicle in excellent condition and full working order. The vehicle will have a full tank of fuel and third-party insurance that covers the duration of the rental period. The Rentee will be permitted to inspect the vehicle and verify its condition before taking charge of it.

1.5 The Rentee agrees to return the vehicle in exactly the same condition as it was collected, and with a full tank of fuel.

1.6 The person named on the rental contract will be held responsible for the condition and safe return of the vehicle, including any speeding or parking penalties, regardless of whether they are signing on behalf of a third party. The vehicle may not be driven by any third party who is not a named Rentee on the rental contract.

1.7 Kigali Motorbike Ltd reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time in the event of a breach of the provisions of this contract.

1.8 Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd reserves the right to blacklist customers who consistently or egregiously flout the clauses in this contract, and to refuse to rent to associates or known contacts of that person. 




The Rentee agrees:


2.1. To drive the vehicle wearing an approved helmet and to carry adequate health insurance in case of injury or hospitalisation.


2.2. To exercise care and respect for the vehicle and any additional equipment throughout the rental period.


2.3 To abide by the laws of Rwanda both on and off the road, and to be respectful of local customs and culture.

2.4 Never to drive under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, medication or any other intoxicant which might limit their judgment or ability to react.

2.5 To abide by the speed limit and to pay any speeding fines incurred during the rental period.

2.6 Not to participate in competitions or races of any kind, not to engage in risk-taking or irresponsible  behaviour.

2.7 To pay any damages incurred by themselves or a third-party driver which is not covered by standard third-party insurance or fully-comprehensive insurance if purchased at the time of renting. This includes damage to property, vehicles and/or medical costs involving other people, whether they are drivers, passengers or pedestrians. 

2.8 To report any significant accidents to Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd as soon as possible, and to alert the appropriate authorities, such as the police and ambulance service, in a timely manner.

2.9 To pay in full any speeding, parking, or other fines incurred during the rental period.


2.10 To return the vehicle in the same conditions as at the beginning of the rental period. To pay for any repairs, both cosmetic and mechanical, and to point out any damage to the bike however minor.

2.11 To pay for any legal costs brought against Kigali Motorbike Rental as a result of the Rentee's actions during the rental period, such as claims for damages, medical expenses, or negligence. 

2.12 Not to bring legal action against Kigali Motorbike Rental for any injury or loss of property caused by their own actions, mistakes, or lack of driving experience, and to fully indemnify Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd against any claims brought by third parties during the rental period. 




Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd agrees:


3.1 To ensure that all vehicles are road worthy, in excellent working condition, and comply with all road safety laws in Rwanda.

3.2 To provide standard third-party insurance for the duration of the rental period, and, when asked for and paid for in advance, fully comprehensive or cross-border insurance.

3.3 To provide the Rentee with copies of the vehicles ownership papers and insurance documents. 

3.4 To provide a full tank of fuel when the vehicle is first collected.

3.5 To keep on record the details of any emergency contacts provided by the Rentee, and to contact them promptly in the case of serious accident or injury. 

3.6 To allow the Rentee to inspect the bike on collection and to agree the condition and performance of the bike. To provide photographic evidence of the condition of the bike ahead of, or shortly after, handover. 

3.7 On the return of the bike, to provide a photographic record of any damage and to clearly and transparently break down repair costs. 



Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd accepts no liability for damages of any kind, including economic loss, suffered by the Rentee, their passenger, or any third party due to accident, driver error, or an operational defect of the vehicle. The company cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of earnings incurred as a result of theft, riots, war, force majeure or unforeseeable events.




Please book vehicles using our online booking system. When booking, all named Rentees must provide a copy of their driving license and photographic ID, such as an identity card or passport. The Rentee must pay 20% of the rental price in order to secure the booking, they can use the online price calculator to find the deposit amount. The deposit is refundable, minus transfer costs, if the booking is cancelled within seven days of the rental start date, and non-refundable thereafter. A security fee of $50 for scooters and $100 for motorbikes is required on the day of collection. This will be used to pay for any cosmetic or mechanical damage incurred during the rental period and returned in full if no damage occurs. 



The Rentee may collect the vehicle from the Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd offices or may request delivery and pick-up within the City of Kigali if the appropriate fee is paid. Upon collection of the vehicle, the Rentee is required to check the condition of the vehicle and must point out any perceived defects in appearance or performance. A photographic record of the condition of the bike will be provided by Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd ahead of, or shortly after, handover. The vehicle must be returned to the company in the same condition it was collected, and the Rentee has an obligation to point out any damage, however minor. A security deposit of $50 for scooters and $100 for motorbikes will be held by Kigali Motorbike Ltd and used to repair any damage, It will be returned in full if no damage has occurred. A breakdown of repair work will be provided to the Rentee who will either receive the remainder of the security deposit or make up the difference if the deposit does not fully cover the cost of repairs.


The vehicle must be returned with all accessories, keys and documentation present. In the event that the Rentee cuts short the rental period for whatever reason, no refund will be offered. In the event of irreparable breakdown, and provided that any damage has been paid for, Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd, may offer to replace the bike with another bike of similar spec. This is discretionary and whether the bike is replaced or not, no refund will be given for the remaining days of the rental period. In the case that Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd requisitions a bike due to breach of contract, no refund will be made. 




The Rentee is required to pay a deposit of 20% in order to secure their booking. The amount can be calculated online and payment can be made in Rwandan francs by mobile money and HeptaPay, or in USD by PayPal, card payment and WorldRemit. Full details of the payment procedure can be found on our website. On the day of collection, a security deposit of $50 for scooters and $100 for motorbikes is payable before handover. The remainder of the rental fee must be paid, at the latest, on the day of pick-up. 



All vehicles are covered by third-party liability insurance (RCA) in accordance with existing laws.  This covers damage caused to third parties, but not to the Rentee. The RCA policy has a limit of 1,000,000 FRW. After this amount the insurance company will not pay any further damage caused by the Rentee and the Rentee will be expected to make up the difference in cost. 


The Rentee is not covered by insurance in the following instances:


1. When damage to the rental vehicle was caused in an accident for which the Rentee is responsible.

2. When the vehicle is used for illegal purposes or whilst speeding, racing, or in any kind of contest.

3. When the vehicle is being driven by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. When damage was caused intentionally, from failure to observe road safety regulations, or by negligence.

5. When damage falls under civil liability, is caused to property, or falls beyond the limits of the insurance policy.

6. When damage is caused by fire or theft.


The Rentee is responsible in the case of fire and theft of the vehicle. Any damage to the vehicle is the sole responsibility of the Rentee regardless of whether it was intentional or accidental, caused directly by them or by a third party. 

The Rentee may, on payment of the appropriate fee, request fully-comprehensive insurance for the vehicle. There is a section for this on the rental price calculator. When crossing the border with a bike, COMESA insurance is required. Further details on this can be found on our FAQ section under Can I cross the border with a bike?



In case of a significant accident in which the vehicle is damaged, or the driver, a third party, or property is damaged, the Rentee agrees to notify Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd as soon as possible, and to alert the appropriate authorities, such as the police and ambulance service, in a timely manner. Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd will provide a card with local emergency numbers with each bike and this should be referred to when needed. At the time of booking, Rentees are strongly encouraged to list up to two emergency contact numbers which the company will promptly contact in the case of a significant accident. 




In the event of irreparable technical failure not attributable to the Rentee, Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd, at its discretion, may offer another bike of similar specification for the remainder of the rental period. If this is not possible, the company may, at its discretion, offer reimbursement for the time remaining or discount the amount from future rental time. In the case of a tire puncture, the Rentee must seek to repair or replace the tire at their own expense. In the case of abandonment of the vehicle without authorization, the Rentee is obliged to pay all direct and indirect expenses necessary to recover the vehicle, plus a fine of FRW 200,000.




Should the vehicle be seized, confiscated or impounded by local authorities, the Rentee is liable for all fines and fees related to its release, as well as any impound fees. The Rentee will also be charged the daily rate of the vehicle until it is released, to make up for lost revenue. 


In the case of loss or theft of additional items, the Rentee will be charged for replacing any missing extras. Additional fees will be levied for: documents (FRW 10-50,000), keys (FRW 50-200,000) and license plate (FRW 50,000).




The rental contract is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of Rwanda. Any disputes arising over the clarity and execution of these clauses should, in the first instance, be resolved through fair-minded and respectful discourse between the Rentee and Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd, and as a last resort, through a court of law. 



Any personal data collected by Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd about the Rentee(s), such as names, addresses, contact information, copies of photographic ID and payment details, will be used solely in the process of renting the individual(s) a vehicle and collecting payment for that vehicle. If emergency contacts have been provided by the Rentee, these will only be contacted in the case of significant accident or injury to the Rentee. Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd will never share or sell personal data to any third party. Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd reserves the right to keep Rentee details on record for up to two years after the completion of the rental period in case it is required by authorities for outstanding fines or legal action. If no action has been taken within that time, any personal data will be deleted. If action does arise, the period of data retention will extent to the satisfactory conclusion of any action. Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd uses third party processing companies to take payment. These include MTN and Airtel mobile money applications, WorldRemit, HeptaPay and PayPal. Kigali Motorbike Rental refers you to those companies' data protection statements, advises you to use them at your own risk, and accepts no responsibility or liability for the way in which they handle or store personal data. Rentees may at any time request to know what personal data is held by Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd about them.


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