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We offer individual driving lessons

You have a driving licence but you didn't drive for a long time? Are you not feeling comfortable to shift gears on a manual motorbike? Would you like some guidance before renting a bike? We offer private lessons to get you comfortable with your bike:

Charges per Person:

Quick refresher: 15 mins = $15 excluding bike rental.

30 mins = $30 or including bike rental $40.
(Only suitable for clients who already know fairly well how to drive.)

1 hour  = $50 or including bike rental $60.

~2h 30 minutes Introduction Tour = $60 per Person with 2 participants*

$50 p.P. with 3 participants*

$40 p.P. with 4 participants*

$35 p.P. with 5 participants or more*

*plus bike rental $15 per motorcycle for the Tour.

Bike rental includes fuel, oil helmet and cleaning.

Please book your lessons in advance. They will start and end at Kigali Motorbike Rental in Kicukiro Kagarama. Thank you

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