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Welcome to our payment page.

Thank you for booking with us. There are several ways to pay.

Please pay your deposit with PayPal or Mobile Money as it's easy to refund (details below).

Please pay your rental fee by bank transfer (setails at bottom of page).


Mobile Money details for those paying in Rwandan francs:

MTN mobile money:     0784 490 187
Airtel mobile money:     0736 111 600    

Country code:                +250

Bank Details

Please use Google to convert the total of USD into Swiss CHF using the current conversion rate. Simply type '[amount] USD in CHF' and it will tell you the amount. Make sure that your bank knows to transfer the total CHF amount to the recipient.

Account Name: Dominik Hodel
Bank Name: Revolut Ltd
Address: Seestrasse 78, 6052, Hergiswil NW, CH

IBAN: GB47REVO00997072474720
RevTag: @dominikhodel

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