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Jupier TVS 2.webp


$20 / 24h

The TVS Jupiter is a 2 Seater. It has a 110cc single cylinder engine with 8bhp and a top speed of 78kmph. Ideal to drive around in the city!

Features, Accessories & Specifications

The feature that counts the most while choosing a traveling companion is its engine quality and mileage, the powerful modern engine of TVS Jupiter offers 110cc single cylinder engine that is equipped with air-cooled engine option that helps the travelers to cover long distance without giving a damn thought about heating up of the engine. The engine offers the enormous power of 8bhp and the power of torque is measured 8Nm. Going a unique way Jupiter offers contemporary Speedometer with the quality of both analogue and digital meter as the meter with new feature ‘econometer’ warns you each time you extends the speed to power performance that consumes more petrol.

The equipment list of TVS Jupiter includes 12v power socket option, twin positioned lamps and external fuel cap that counts the petrol filling option easy and non-hectic. The surety of safety option for riders is ensured with 12-inch wide wheels with telescopic suspension technology at the front and gas-filled suspension option is available in the rear. Powerful break options offer 120mm drum break on both of the ends.

The mileage offered by TVS Jupiter is 56kmpl and the top speed offered by Jupiter is 78kmph. The Fibre and metallic version of body options provide better curves and design options for Jupiter, the fuel tank option at the back not only makes it comfortable for the users to fill the fuel but also marks it as added design features.

Colors and Variants

The different color options available in the series of TVS Jupiter are Titanium Grey, Sparkling Grey, Pristine White, Matte Blue, Stallion Blue, Stallion Brown, Midnight Black, Volcano Red, and Beige.


  • Extra Large Space for Leg in front.

  • External Fuel filling option.

  • Econometer with Analogue and Digital meter quality.

  • Reserve Low Fuel Indicator

The Scooter is one of our most favourite motorbike especially but not exclusive with our less experienced customers. It is easy to handle for anybody who can drive a bycicle. It is fully automatic, so no need to shift gears.  It's destined for the city and loves tarmac roads. You still need a driving licence to drive it in Rwanda. A normal foreigner licence (car or motorbike) will do the job. An International licence is not necessary but will also work. And if you have a Rwandan licence you need specifically the motorbike entry.

Scooter - TVS Jupiter p.2: Vermietung


1-2 days: $20
3-6 days: $18
7-13 days: $15
14-20 days: $13

21-27 days: $10

28-35 days: $9

60 + days: $8

Prices are per day and in USD.

Included in Rental:

  • Fuel: Start your rental with a full tank and return it full

  • Third party Insurance

  • 1 helmet


  • Driver Helmet included in rental price

  • Passenger Helmet:
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $30 /month

  • Rain coat (Jacket and pants):
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $20 /month

  • Delivery: $20
    Pick up: $20
    Pick up  delivery: $30

  • Elastic band / bungee cords (to buy): $3

Scooter - TVS Jupiter p.2: List
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