$25 / 24h
for Sale. 1.4 mio RWF / 1'400 USD

The RMC Ingenzi 150cc with its 5 gear manual speed box and deep tread tires is a tough off road and on road motorcycle. It can handle heavy loads (the manual says 250kg's excluding the rider) and take you wherever you need to go. It is the leading motorbike in Rwanda  providing you with this level of toughness and ability in it's range. Excellent for a tour around lake Muhazi for example. Even on rainy dirty roads it will take you easily to your destination. The fuel consumption is low and the bike is in top condition. It's top speed is at around 90 km/h. It includes a USB port to charge your phone. In addition, it has a remote control with which you can lock and unlock the bike, you can start it and honk.



1-2 days: $25
3-6 days: $20
7-13 days: $17
14-20 days: $15

21-27 days: $14

28-35 days: $11,5

60+ days: $10

Prices are per day and in USD.

Included in Rental:

  • Fuel: Start your rental with a full tank and return it full

  • Third party Insurance

  • 1 helmet


  • Driver Helmet included in rental price

  • Passenger Helmet:
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $30 /month

  • Rain coat (Jacket and pants):
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $20 /month

  • Delivery: $20
    Pick up: $20
    Pick up  delivery: $30

  • Elastic band / bungee cords (to buy): $3