Make your choice. What do you want to use the motorbike for?

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Beginners, Moderate & Experienced Riders

You like to drive in the city and will stay mostly on asphalt roads. You can also do trips to Nyungwe, Gisenyi or Kibuye, but will not go offroad.


Moderate experienced Riders

You would like to use the Motorbike to room around freely in the city but you love to go on trips as well (such as going around lake Muhazi, going for the Nile Trail etc.). Ideal for paved and unpaved roads.

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This fantastic item is one of our most popular rental products The Cruiser is for riders with time, who love to ride for the ride. 
We provide a variety of customizable options for you to choose from. Stop by Kigali Motorbike Rental to test one out today. We’re sure you’ll love it.



Make your choice by your LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE:

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Best to go for one of the Scooters and stay in the city. You could also try the semi automatic and go for trips or if you can shift gears manually go for one of the Boxers!


Best to go for one of the Bajaj Boxers, the TVS Stars or if you like a bit more power - then for the TVS180cc.

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Choose one of the Motorbikes depending on your needs, taking into account what you plan to be using it for.