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Riding through the Fields


Please always schedule an appointment if you plan a visit.

Mon - Fri: 9am- 12am; 1pm - 5pm

Sat: Generally closed. But if you book in advance and have an appointment - then we are open.

Sun: Closed*

Please do not call after opening hours. You may send a WhatsApp with your questions, reservations or requests.

Vehicle Pickup outside opening hours is  possible  free of surcharges 24/7 if you have a prior confirmed appointment (whatsapp: +250791573915). Please order your rides at least 24h before to ensure a smooth rental experience (I'm often out of Rwanda and am organising everything by myself).

Vehicle drop off is always possible during opening hours. If we are not around, we will send you back the deposit normally within 48h of working hours.

If you plan to rent on a weekend, please make an appointment asap, but before Friday 5pm, so we can pre fill in the contract and leave the documents and keys with the guards. In this case there will be NO surcharge. Someone can then hand you over the keys. They don't speak English or French, nor can they explain you anything about how to run a bike. They just do the exchange. Please treat them nicely. Thank you!

*Pick up on Saturdays or Sundays with a late rental request (after Friday 5pm) may still be possible, but there likely be a surcharge of $10, as someone will need to come from far to open specifically for you.

Thank you for understanding.

Opening Hours: Opening Hours
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