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And return of Deposit

You are supposed to return your vehicle at or before the time specified, otherwise extra charges will apply.
Once the vehicule is back, several things will be checked and Inspected once somebody from the management is around. Unfortunately our guards can not take that responsibility. Once the Inspection is complete, the deposit will be returned, preferably by MoMo Pay. This should normally not take more than 48 hours (working days):

  1. Return time:
    Late return fee: $2 for every full or started hour up to where it reaches the rental fee for a single day. For the car it is $3. If there was no requested extension, we will charge an additional $5 for the inconvenience.

  2. Fuel tank:
    Make sure your fuel tank is completely full. Not the indication showing that it is full, but the actual tank. You will have to pay $3 for each liter or started liter if it is not full.

  3. Damages / Accidents: Damages to the vehicle will result in the loss of $25 of your Deposit, even if you have full cover. The vehicle will then be repaired by Kigali Motorbike Rental Ltd. and the cost will be presented and paid by the renter. The deposit is lost to compensat for transport, time and loss of income during repairs.

  4. Please visit the section: "Prices" and scroll down to: "Extra costs" to see all surcharges, service fees etc.

  5. Should you decide to get your vehicle picked up without informing at least 48h ahead, pick up will be $35. You will also have to pay the normal extension fees up to when you ask for pick up and upon sharing the location. Make sure, that upon pick up the helmet, yellow card, insurance and all extras are being picked up as well to avoid ongoing extra charges. Thank you

Return of the Vehicle and extra charges: Text
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