Continued assistance for mechanical issues

If you need mechanical help, please inform us via a WhatsApp Text and we'll try to find a quick solution:

  • +250791573915 KigaliMotorbikeRental Ltd..

  • +250736111600 Dominik

  • +250784490187

Remember, I am traveling a lot and can't always pick up the phone or reply to messages. So it is best to send messages as early as possible. Should you not be able to reach us, try to call those two numbers. Please mention that you rent from KigaliMotorbike Rental Ltd.:

  • +250786542670 Paul Mechanic (only available after working hours)
    Paul works on all Motorbikes I provide. You can give him transportation fee (3'000 RWF), I will take care of  the bill, if it is the bikes fault.

  • +250788584796 Telesphore (Motard)
    He can help you with starter problems. He'll ask for 5'000 RWF.

You can also go to the brands respective service Centers, but usually and whenever possible we would tipically send you a replacement bike and take care of needed servicing and repairs ourselves.

For Haojue Models: