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$100 for 1 night / 2 days
$150 for 2 nights / 3 days
6 Persons max

The perfect place to spend your weekends. A quiet place on a big yard with a kitchen and two sleeping rooms


from $ 79 USD/night

This fantastic Hotel is located in the city center and run by a Swiss architect. I can only recommend it. It has a wonderful tropic atmoshpere with a pool and a  traditional Rwandan hut to enjoy refreshments in the shadow.


$1'395 / $1'195 respectively


With Swimming Pool

Come and visit KIGALI - KIYOVU, KN6AV3

near Hotel Mille Collines, National Bank or UTC (Simba Supermarket)


Book with the code: "Fatma-Dominik" to get a 10% Discount and a free non alcoholic drink (incl. Tea, Coffee, Soda, Shakes...).
For bookings or enquiries please call or whatsapp the Managing Director Mr. Karan Bharara  +250732304454 / +447799512005 (Karan Bharara - Managing Director).

Accommodation: Rentals
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