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We generally allow boarder crossings with our motorbikes only. But there's a procedure which needs to be followed:

  1. In order to cross the border you need to advise us in advance. There’s a general surcharge of $100 for border crossings.

  2. You will need a written letter from us to be allowed to cross the border.

  3. You will need a special insurance called COMESA which we will organise for you charging you the actual insurance (which is usually around $50 for 10 days).

  4. The Deposit is raised to $500 or equivalent in other currencies.

  5. Please plan your trip carefully. Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya and DR Kongo are different than Rwanda and can be a dangerous terrain for tourists. Also the border staff and Police / Military may not be as friendly and helpful as they are here in Rwanda but can be quite difficult and expensive to handle.

  6. Check through our Terms and Conditions. You will be responsible for all extra costs arising and we won't be able to offer you maintenance support.

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