We at Kigali Motorbike rental want to make sure we provide the best Service possible. Should you wish to have your vehicule delivered or picked up we will try and arrange it for a surcharge fee flat rate within Kigali. Ask for prices outside Kigali.

  1. Delivery only: $20

  2. Pick up only: $20

  3. Pick up on short notice (<48h): $35

  4. Delivery & Pick up: $35

Conditions for delivery & pick up:

  • This needs to be booked 48h in advance

  • Full payment including deposit needs to be sent before

  • Passport and driving licence need to be sent as soft copy (foto) by whatsapp or email to: +250736111600 or

  • It may take up to 24h to send back the deposit after pick up on workdays. On weekends even longer. The state of the bike, fuel tank level, fines etc. has to be verified before returning the deposit.

  • If pick up is advised on short notice, the renter will pay the "pick up on short notice price" of $35 plus the normal extension charges until the time advised.