If you are not sure - please just ask. We are here to help!

Please let us assist you in the choice to book the right bike. Choose from the list from easy to professional taking into account your own economy:

  1. Scooters / beginners:
    If you don't know how to drive a motorcycle, choose one of the three Scooters depending on your budget and availability. They are fully automatic, meaning, you don't have to change gears. Scooters are for tarmac roads, totally unsuitable for dirt roads and especially not for dirt and wet roads.

  2. Semi-automatic / low budget:
    If you are comfortable with Scooters, you can book a lesson to convert to a semi-automatic motorbike. The step to do so is quite small and with a semi-automatic you can already do all the trips you want. They are suitable for the town, but also to go on trips. Suitable for dirt roads.

  3. Manual / low priced / Boxers / excellent off road and for long trips: If you are comfortable with the semi-automatic motorbike and you want something a bit stronger, you may again book a lesson to convert to one of the Boxers. The step to do so is quite small. The Boxer is an excellent and reliable bike to do anything you want. It's perfect to room around in the city, with it's 150cc it s stronger than most of the bikes on the road (125cc), it has an excellent fuel economy, is suitable to go offroad and is an excellent choice for long trips (Nile Trail etc.).  You will like it. Generally, if you want to go for longer trips, the 5G is more suitable (it has 5 gears and is faster), for the town the 4G is enough. If you plan to do a long trip, for example Tanzania, Uganda - Also definetily take one of the Boxers. You'll find spares and mechanics everywhere.

  4. Manual, bigger engines not for offroad:
    If you are used to big bikes and you are a good driver, then this is your choice. Take the TVS RTR 180cc or 200cc. They are not heavy bikes like you might be used to drive. But here in Rwanda they are definetely enough. They are destined to be on tarmac roads and not fun offroad. You can drive on the natural dirt roads if they are dry, but it is not fun. The dampers are too hard for that.

  5. Focus on Offroad:
    If you want to go offroad, the RMC 150cc Ingenzi should be your choice. With it's deep rim wheels it's designed to pull you out of mud and take you up wet muddy slopes. It's comfortable for town as well with it's normal speed range.
    If you are a two-stroke fan - and only then- take the Suzuki Tf125cc.
    This is a simple technology. It runs with a fuel-oil mixture. The bike is mixing it itself as long as you check that the two tanks available (one for fuel, one for 2-Stroke Oil) are regularely checked and refilled as necessary. It loves fuel and oil, you have to adjust frequently the idle power, sometimes you have to clean the spark plug. It requires some basic mechanical understanding. The range can be anything between 150km and 300km's, depending on the terrain and your driving style. It is no fun on tarmac roads with it's max speed of 65 km/h. It also doesn't like it, as a an air cooled 2-stroke only gets hot at high RPM's. Big fun though, but definetely not for the average customer.

  6. Cruisers: To enjoy the ride
    For that we have the American Style Cruiser in small format, the Haojue TR150S. It is fun to drive and real Cruiser feeling. Recommended for riders who rather enjoy the trip from A to B than anything else. Very reliable bike with a beautiful design.