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$30  / 24h

The Bajaj Pulsar is a reliable bike and has a bit more power than the Boxers. It is a good mixture of a fun street bike and on excellent on nature roads as long as they are not wet. It's handling is quite easy and it is well balanced. With it's 180cc engine it is one of the strongest bikes here in Kigali and is the equivalent to the RTR180cc but from Bajaj. Its size is still perfect to circumnavigate any traffic jam and bypass all the cars and move forward to the front. It's a big time safer in the city.

Tech. Specs:

180.00 ccm / Single cylinder, four-stroke / 5-speed Gearbox / 16.29 HP. Top speed:117.0 km/h. Fuel capacity:15.00 l. Reserve fuel: 3.20 l.

This is one of our oldest ladies in our fleet. Spare parts are getting hard to find. We recommend you to rent the RTR180cc instead.

Bajaj Pulsar 180 prof.jpg
Bajaj Pulsar 180cc p.2: Product


1-2 days: $30
3-6 days: $22
7-13 days: $19
14-20 days: $16

21-27 days: $14

28-35 days: $13

60 + days: $11

Prices are per day and in USD.

Included in Rental:

  • Fuel: Start your rental with a full tank and return it full

  • Third party Insurance

  • 1 helmet


  • Driver Helmet included in rental price

  • Passenger Helmet:
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $30 /month

  • Rain coat (Jacket and pants):
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $20 /month

  • Delivery: $20
    Pick up: $20
    Pick up  delivery: $30

  • Elastic band / bungee cords (to buy): $3

Bajaj Pulsar 180cc p.2: List
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