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$25  / 24h

The reliable Boxer BM150 5G targets urban commuters and offers an excellent mileage. It is powered by an upgraded 150 cc, 4-stroke engine with 12 hp and incorperates 5 gears. It's top speed is at around 100 km/h. It incorporates an USB mobile charger.

A bike that stays strong and takes all the load with ease. Boxer 5G is a great combination of power and fuel efficiency that makes it an ideal bike for city travel as well as for longer rides and across terrains. Its rugged and solid styling are meant for those commuters who seek better bike performance from 150 cc bikes. A motorcycle that delivers power on all load and speed conditions. A bike meant to outlast the toughest of roads.

Also, Boxer 5G has a whole new upgraded engine. And, 5 key features: offering best comfort, best fuel efficiency, powerful engine with long life, best convenience like gear indicator, USB mobile charger, and DC headlamp.

  • Capacity

    144.08 cc

  • Power

    8.83 @ 7500 (Kw @ RPM)

  • Torque

    12.26 @ 4500 (Nm @ RPM)

  • Engine

    4 Stroke, Natural air cooled, SI engine

Bajaj Boxer BM150 5G p.2: Product


1-2 days: $25
3-6 days: $20
7-13 days: $17
14-20 days: $15

21-27 days: $14

28-35 days: $11,5

60 + days: $10

Prices are per day and in USD.

Included in Rental:

  • Fuel: Start your rental with a full tank and return it full

  • Third party Insurance

  • 1 helmet


  • Driver Helmet included in rental price

  • Passenger Helmet:
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $30 /month

  • Rain coat (Jacket and pants):
    $5 /day
    $15 /week
    $20 /month

  • Delivery: $20
    Pick up: $20
    Pick up  delivery: $30

  • Elastic band / bungee cords (to buy): $3

Bajaj Boxer BM150 5G p.2: List
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